Church of the Holy Rosary

Knights of Columbus #4972

Think being a Knight is all about working Fish Fry and pancake breakfast?

It is so much more than that…

Guided by the principles of charity, unity, and fraternity, members of the Knights of Columbus work to overcome the hardships that people face in their parishes and communities. We are a growing organization — nearly 2 million members — and for over 130 years, we have committed to overcome the challenges of the need for food, shelter, warm clothing and financial security, as well as provide aid for widows and orphans in our local communities.

Joining your local council of the Knights of Columbus can change your life. As a Knight, you have the opportunity to strengthen your parish, give back to your community, grow in your faith and gain exclusive access to our portfolio of top-quality insurance products to financially protect your family.

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Contact: Robert Weaver