Mike Huffman

Fall Festival Coordinator (ad hoc)
Phone: 615-481-4999
Mike's parents were founding parishioners of Holy Rosary and were married in the original church in 1963. Mike was baptized at Holy Rosary days after his birth in 1964 and received his early sacraments here, attended CCD, and served as altar boy for Father Bevington, and Father Strobel. When he was 12 or 13, Mike's family was one of several who were asked to move to what would eventually become St. Stephens's church. The experience of being a part of a new church, led by Father Bob Roser, that met in a barn and an old farm house, brought Mike closer to the church, and to God. After going away to college, he came back to Nashville and started attending Holy Rosary again. His first marriage came in Holy Rosary and his daughter attended CCD here. Mike attends 8:30 mass every Sunday and drives every week for Room in the Inn. He has served on parish councils at other parishes several times before and decided to join Holy Rosary's council out of love for his longtime home parish I have a good relationship with Frank Davenport and I Love Holy Rosary.Mike is the owner of Donelson Auto Clinic which was founded by his father in 1969.