Church of the Holy Rosary

Cornerstone Capital Campaign

December, 2023

Dear Parishioners, friends, families, and all members of our community,

Last fall you were asked to support the Cornerstone Capital Campaign to raise money for some much needed improvements to our facilities, primarily a new roof for our church.

I am pleased to say that so many of you responded with generous donations large and small to make the improvements possible.

As you are aware, the work to replace our roof was completed several months ago and our church has a new roof that should last for several decades to come. Though the work has been completed, we have not quite reached our financial goal for the fundraising campaign to cover the costs of the project.

We will be accepting donations for this purpose through the end of this month. I ask all members of our parish to consider making a final contribution to the effort before we conclude the fundraising campaign.

You can give before the end of the year online through We Share, or by bringing a contribution to the church office, or by leaving a gift in the collection basket at church making sure to specify that the gift is intended for the “Cornerstone Capital Campaign”.

Thank you for your continuing financial stewardship of Holy Rosary parish.

God Bless you, your families, our friends, and our community.

The Reverend John Sims Baker, Pastor
The Church of the Holy Rosary