Church of the Holy Rosary

Spirituality Ministries and Programs

Emily Carr, Chair- 615-883-7481

Members: Deacon Mike Wilkins, Nancy Schwartz, Bob Schwartz, Mary Bess Rollins, and Marie Stewart

This committee assists the Pastor, Father Dan Steiner, with the development and execution of activities that support the liturgical life and spiritual growth of the parish. The committee meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at 6 pm. The Chair and Vice Chair also attend the Parish Council meeting every month.

The goal is to deepen our personal relationship with God, promoting understanding of what it means to respond to our baptismal call through worship and living the gospel. The Spirituality Committee strives to lead Holy Rosary’s faith community into a fuller, richer relationship with God by providing living, dynamic Eucharistic experiences, and other opportunities for prayer expressions that offer fitting praise to God.

 Adoration
 Stations of the Cross
 Divine Mercy novena
 Crowning of Mary – May
 All Souls Day service – November
 Reconciliation services
 Healing Masses
 Prayer vigils
 Rosary playdates and Faithshare playdates for families
 33 Days of Morning Glory – Consecration to Jesus through Mary
 Communal Living Rosary – October celebration of Our Lady of the Rosary

Altar Servers

Contact: Deacon Mike Wilkins

Fifth through eighth graders in both Holy Rosary Academy and the CCD program are trained and scheduled to serve at weekend Masses, for one-month intervals.


Contact: Paul and Therese McLean

Develop a thorough understanding of what it means to fully live a Christian life in everyday situations. Starting with a 3-day weekend, the Movement helps Catholics by providing a method to transform aspects of society through prayer and the development of small Christian communities.

Eucharistic Ministers

Contact: Deacon Wayne Gregory

A fulfilling ministry for those who wish to serve their fellow-parishioners. There are few time demands other than a planned attendance at Mass.


Contact: Tom McRedmond

Greet parishioners; hand out Bulletins; take up collections and facilitate during Communion, especially at busy Masses.


Contact: Cheryl Pryor

Proclaim the first and second readings from Scripture, provide the responsorial Psalms, read the petitions before the Offertory.

Legion of Mary

Assistance Needed

Marriage Encounter

Contact: Assistance Needed (Call Church Office to Volunteer)

Music Ministry (Adult/Children)

Contact: Chrissa Walsh

Join our choir! Lead the congregation in singing praise to God. Vocalists and musicians welcomed for all Masses and of all ages.

Rosary Play Date/Confession Swap

Contact: Alice Murphy

3rd Wed of the Month 5:45-6pm in the Training chapel. Say the Rosary with your kids around you. Followed by the option of “you watch my kid, I’ll watch yours” confession.

Sacristan (Church Cleaning & Decorating)

Contact: Margaret Aton

Those involved in this ministry take on the responsibility of readying the church for Sunday Masses, special Masses and holidays. There’s always a need for volunteers.

Wedding Guild

Contact: Cynthia Anderson
615-889-4065 x201

Assist the priests, deacons and bridal party in directing the wedding rehearsal and conducting the wedding ceremony. Meet with the couple, discuss guidelines and details of preparation.

Visitation (Homebound & Hospital)

Contact: Marilyn John